Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello Kitty Onigiri Bento (75)

Received the HK bento set from CP last week, didn't have a chance to try out until today, since little girl requested rice for her bento.

Another simple bento with limited ingredients, :)  however, still took me 1 hour to complete, especially on HK, I'm so slow even with the help of tools, sigh....

Contents of bento: HK onigiri with ham & cheese stuffing, tomato slices, ham flower, lots of edamame & corns, grapes and a container of mayo.

Little girl kept some edamame, 2 grapes for her snack later, finished up almost everything but the corns & lettuce.  Don know wat's wrong with the corn, she used to love it so much???


shoppingmum said...

You did a good job with the onigiri, and with more practice, you will be faster soon. :)
I like that color combination of corn and beans, really nice.

kel said...

Thanks, shoppingmum, the comment from u really make up my day :)

Susan Yuen said...

Very cute Kitties!