Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baked Rice Bento (73)

Today's bento was mostly left-over from previous day, I used about 1/2 hour to complete the bento and clean up the kitchen.

Top tier: pear bunnies, grape tomatoes and cucumber slices.

Bottom tier: Baked rice with crab meat, tomato based sauce, top with lot of cheese, stuffed chikuwa with snake bean, steamed crab meat, stir-fried mushrooms and snake beans.  The bear container hold some parmesan cheese for the baked rice.

Little girl kept a few pieces of the snake beans, mushrooms and pear for her snack.  The remaining for today was the chikuwa (she disliked it, when I tasted it once reached home, it tasted funny, it'd turned spoilt only after 2 days in fridge) and the cucumbers (she complained that there was no mayo to go with it).


Susan Yuen said...

Cute bunnies! I never thought to use pears, what a great idea!

kel said...

Hi, Susan, eh... it was not easy to mold these bunnies, difficult to remove the mold cos the pear would break easily.

javapot said...

I've had not much luck with leaving imprints on fruits. Like u say all break too easily.

Must try that baked rice, looks cheesey yum!