Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby & Mummy Bento (69)

I must confess, I'm not good at drawing human, and I don have a steady hands to make kyaraben bento like most of u.

I sketched this out last nite, well, just the baby and mummy, then started thinking of what should I used to make-do them, almost lost my sleep while thinking of it, :)

I began my day at 9 this morning, steaming the 'kok cai' (from hubby's aunt, a kind of savory kuih stuffed with shredded turnips, dried prawn, etc), and potatoes in rice cooker, also braising the mushrooms with some oyster & soy sauce at the cooking pot.  After breakfast, I fried a piece of egg sheet, and started filling the bento box.

I started with the baby, placed the kok cai in, split a hole for the baby's head (combined of egg for face, shredded mushrooms for hair and eyes, tiny piece of cherry tomato for mouth and ketchup for the cheek).  Next was the sliced potatoes (under mummy's head),  pork chop (on top of baby), cherry tomatoes & edamame to fill the gaps, lastly, was the mummy's head (ingredients same as baby).  I got the bento ready slightly b4 11am, phew!

Ok now, the story I'm trying to convey in this bento:  I am a SAHM (obviously, the mummy is me), my life is fully filled by little girl (the baby) after she is born at the X'mas day of 2003 (What a coincidence, I just realized the edamame and cherry tomatoes replica a X'mas tree after uploaded it!).  I have been jokingly saying that as I'm always a good girl, Santa sent me this cute baby :)

Little girl didn't finish her bento today, as her yoga teacher released her after the school bell rang, luckily she managed to fill her tummy while her school mates having assembly at the hall.  I packed some leftover from the bento (plum and potatoes) for her snack time.

P/s  Ok, so this will be my submission to javapot's contest, wish me luck!


javapot said...

hey, tks for your entry! Love your story :)

btw, since suppose to be fun event, not suppose to lose sleep over this, aiyo!

kel said...

Hehehe... almost only, don worry ;p

Duckz said...

Hey! Howdy? Caroline here; Nicholas' mom. WOW! your posts are great and yummy. Makes me feel like being your lil' gal too! How lucky! :D Niways, thanks for sharing your blog add. Will check "you" up once in a while to see the "goodies" you have. Take Care!

kel said...

Thanks 4 ur comment Caroline, of course, u r always welcome here :)