Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eggs & Tomatoes Bento (78)

Yesterday ...

Me: What do u want for bento 2moro, little girl? Rice, noodle, or pasta?
LG: I want rice, vegetable rice, like last time!
Me: Ooh, vegetable rice again! Ok, I'll prepare it 2moro.

Similar to bento (77), bottom tier contains: vegetable and roast pork mixed in barley rice wrapped in egg sheet, chopped crab-stick & corns in tomato cup top with cheddar cheese, tea egg, and edamame.

Top tier contains: dark & milk Kisses chocolates, green grape & grape tomato kebabs.

Since most of the food was left-over, I just need to fried the egg sheet, prepared the filling for tomato cup, got it baked, and warmed the barley rice, vegetable & roast pork in microwave oven. Got the bento done in 1/2 hour!

This is the tea egg I brought from Hong Kong, my cousin bought a few for us to try out. (yeah! I'd escaped to Hong Kong for the weekend, it was a trip with non-stop shopping and good food!) It tasted just like those herbal egg selling at the malls but without the shell, so convenient to just tear open n put into bento box or pop into mouth :)


javapot said...

so your 'trip' was to HK?

nice colour bentos :)

kel said...

Oh yes, u r rite, a busy n tiring 'shopping' & makan trip :)