Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Soba Rolls (310)

Last nite,

LG:  Ma... can I have soba for lunch 2moro?
Me:  Huh...  but mummy gotta goto work early, I prepare it for your bento, ok?
LG:  Alright, but I want it with seaweed
Me:  Seaweed?
LG:  Ya, like sushi roll
Me:  Ooh... ok

Little girl is planning her own menu nowadays, which is good for me, as I don have to crack my head for what to prepare :p

I waked up early to prepare the bento, then waked her up and sent her off to mum's place b4 I headed to the city.  Used about 25 minutes for the bento.

4 cucumber soba rolls and 4 cucumber & luncheon meat soba rolls

2 baby mandarins


nicole said...

hehe, cute oso....... very creative sushi roll~~~~~

kel said...

Thanks nicole.