Thursday, January 6, 2011

Luncheon Meat, Cabbage & Dried Small Shrimps Fried Rice

My bowl of fried rice

A few weeks ago, I found this dried small shrimps 虾皮 at Seremban market, I didn't buy it until last Sun, decided to get a little to try out the taste.  MIL was worried when I said I wanna buy it, she even asked the shopper could it be edible by human :p

I sauteed the dried small shrimps with a bit of oil with medium flame, they got crispy & fragrant after the heating process with a nice golden brown color.

I simple put together luncheon meat and cabbage for the fried rice and top it with the cooked dried small shrimps, it was so fragrant & yummy!

The cooked dried small shrimps

Little girl's fried rice wrapped in rice paper

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