Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last Minutes Bento (320)

I told little girl to prepare her bento last nite as I have an early appointment again this morning, however, while I was having my breakfast, little girl waked up and told me to prepare her bento.  Thus, with very limited time, and fast forward x 2 speed, I gotta bento ready in less than 5 minutes, phew!

4 skewers of edamame
Marmite & butter sandwich

2 lobster balls and 6 grapes

When I was washing all the dishes and little girl's bento box after dinner, I found a chicken drumette bone left in the box,

Me:  Girl, why was there a chicken bone in your bento box?
LG:  Oh... my friend gave me the chicken
Me:  Hm...  so what did u give your friend for exchange?
LG:  I gave her 3 grapes
Me:  Did u ask for her chicken or she gave it to u?
LG:  She gave it to me, she said she don like it
Me:  Don like it?  Why, what kind of chicken was that?  Fried chicken or steamed chicken?
LG:  Steamed chicken
Me:  Ooh...  ur fav huh?!
LG:  Hehe...
Me:  Why don u give her the edamame?
LG:  No, she said she wanna change for the grapes only, so I gave her 3
Me:  Ok, what about the fish balls?
LG:  I quickly finished them  * laughing * b4 anyone see it
Me:  Hahaha.... u ah...
Hub:  Why, why did u finish them fast?
Me:  Bcos that was her super fav, right girl?
LG:  Ya!

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