Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rice Paper Wraps Bento (312)

It is little girl's Chinese calender birthday today, I made 3 pink hard-boiled eggs for our breakfast, but little girl took all 3 (2 into her tummy & 1 for the bento)!!

Little girl had her 1st experienced making and eating the rice paper wraps during the school holidays which was introduced by BIL, she loved & enjoyed it very much.  Thus when I told her that I making this for her bento, she was really delighted and insisted to do the wraps herself.

I got the ingredients ready in the morning, blanched and sliced.  The ingredients I prepared for the wraps were cucumber, baby corns, chicken frank and a dash of mayo.

I couldn't tell how much time I used for this bento, as it was partially prepared by little girl which was kaka-caucauing most of the time.

Rice paper wraps with cucumber as separator avoiding them sticking to each other

A bear container of mayo & ketchup,
a rabbit tube of soy sauce,
a pink hard-boiled egg,
and some edamame

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