Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday My Melody Bento (319)

I didn't make little girl bento yesterday, as I had an early appointment out.  I let little girl spent a nite at mum's place, b4 I left:

Me:  Girl, remember to make your own bento to school 2moro, ok?
LG:  Ok
Me:  You can make butter & marmite sandwich, asked po-po to cut the pei-pei (bread crust) for you
LG:  Ok, but I'll make 1 bread only
Me:  Huh... why so little, u'll b hungry later on
LG:  Hm...  Then I'll go get RM1 from daddy....  *  speeding off to get hold of hubby  *
Me:  .....

Sigh...  kids nowadays...  * shaking head *

Little girl had requested this theme for her bento today since last week, and kept reminding me & counting down the days :p

I didn't really plan for the bento, just find what ever ingredients I have on hand to make-do the bento in the morning.  Therefore, I took a long time and used about 45 min to prepare and pack it.

After looking at the photo, I found that I shouldn't use the pink color bento box, there was too much pink in the bento, which basically hiding My Melody away.  Will take note next time.

My Melody
Made of rice onigiri stuffed with pork floss and miso paste
Her hood was made of egg white sheet with a drop of pink coloring
(I overcooked the pink egg sheet, therefore the color was so uneven :p)

Assorted flowers and fruits
Yellow flower - yellow egg sheet and chicken frank
White flower - crab stick and pink egg sheet
Fruits - chicken frank & grapes

Edamame were used to fill the space around the bento

Last but not least, happy birthday to My Melody!

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