Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New 2011 Rabbit Year Bento (309)

Happy New Year!  Wishing everybody who read this blog all the best in this cute little rabbit year :p

I'm sorry that I was absent for almost a month, as it was school holiday, I don have to prepare bento,  also, I was busy with assignments at work during the period.

Now, school starts today, little girl was very excited this morning, waked up early for her tuition (yeah, I have started her tuition for Malay & Chinese, cos I find myself can't really teach her the Malay anymore), lunch & off to school happily.  Psss....  she didn't show any 'drama' at all this year, I am so glad that my little girl has grown up at last :)

Back to the bento, I promised little girl to make her rabbits bento as it is the year of rabbit.  And when I asked her what she wanna have for the bento, she said rice which was very rare as she hated rice, when I questioned her for reason, she told me that rice is white and it matches the color of rabbit :p  so sweet, made my life so much easier :)

Used about 20 minutes for the bento.

Rabbits (white rice, sausage & nori) were on a ground (pieces of roast duck) of grass (shredded cucumber) and flowers (baby corn)

Left: 2 baby mandarins
Right top: a bear container of ketchup & mayo
Right bottom: more roast duck & baby corn flowers

Note of the day

The new bento box I gotta from Spore

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miomio said...

ur family muxh happy cx u is a good mother