Monday, December 21, 2009

Pre-Birthday Celebration 2 - 2009

Celebrated Dong Zhi day 冬至 at Seremban on Sun, little girl has been looking forward for the day as we'd promised to invite her cousins for her birthday celebration. This year, only 3 cousins able to celebrate her birthday, but she was still happy.

This was the cake I baked for little girl, thanks to SIL & bro for the decoration ideas, it turned out awesome, little girl was smiling from ear to ear after seeing her cake, giving me an approving look.

Another close up of the cake

As for BIL, he made little girl the princess jelly again, as little girl requested it again for this year.


javapot said...

your cake decorations getting more pro leh, nice!
your BIL also very talented hor.

kel said...

Thanks,javapot! if u plan to go for any cake decoration class, remember to tag me along hor, really need to improve more on that, ;)

BIL like to make jelly, he always make it for friends too.