Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The 1st Fallen Tooth

Remember I mentioned about little girl's wiggling tooth 1 or 2 weeks ago, it has wiggled more and to my surprised, I found a small tooth growing behind this wiggling tooth over the weekend. Most of the elderly advised me to have little girl visit a dentist to help her get rid of the wiggling tooth so that the growing adult tooth won't be blocked.

We brought her to the dentist yesterday, the dentist rubbed some strawberry jelly to her gum (to get it numb), then sprayed some cold stuffs to the cotton (to distract her I presumed), and got the tooth pulled out so fast that little girl didn't even realize! She didn't cry at all!!! Hubby & me were so worried for the entire morning afraid of the crying scene.

We had her tooth washed at home, got it stored in a little container. Slightly b4 bed time, she put the container under her pillow, then went to sleep full of expectation, ;p

The 1st thing she did once she opened her eyes this morning, she quickly pull off the pillow, surprised to find her tooth still remaining, then she saw a RM10 and a letter! A letter from the tooth fairy! Here is the letter, hope u able to read it clearly:

She kept reading the letter again & again, followed with lots of questions:

LG: Mummy, how does tooth fairy know my name?
Me: Well, think she is just like Santa Claus, they know all the children's name.
LG: How did she know I didn't cry?
Me: She is the tooth fairy! She knows everything!
LG: Why didn't she keep the tooth?
Me: May be she want you to keep it yourself.
LG: Why she used the sparkling color pen to write this letter, did she use mine?
Me: May be, I'm not sure with this.
LG: Mummy, she said my tooth was clean and healthy!
Me: Yes, that's why mummy always ask u to brush your teeth properly.
LG: Yeah, she said brushing every day and night.
Me: Yes, day and night, but u brushed at night only, are u going to brush in the morning now?
LG: Yes, I am going to brush now! * Then turning to her dad * Daddy! I wanna put this RM10 into the bank later!

What a nice tooth fairy, not only giving her money, praised her but able to persuade her to brush teeth in the morning (I'd been trying to get her doing it for a very long time), thank you, Tooth Fairy!

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