Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree - 2009

We put on our christmas tree at the evening of 1st Dec this year, same old tree with same old balls and lights, with a slightest different:

Little girl is pointing it out to u....

Duck from Littlest pet shop

Little girl is a big fan of littlest pet shop's soft toys lately, she had begged hubby & cried once to get her this littlest pet shop VIP's doggie few months ago:

And when she found some new series at Ikano, she begged hubby again, she chose to have the duck last Mon, but we made her promised to unwrap/play with it only after her birthday or Christmas day, however we let her slept with it with the box on for a nite. She found a best place to hang it on the Christmas tree so that she able to touch and kiss it when she wakes up in the morning.

LG: Mummy, why u said Tweety is a duck?
Me: The label said it is a duck
LG: No, it is not a duck, it is a bird!
Me: It is a duck!
LG: Urrrrr..... Is a bird * showing a angry look *
Me: Ok, ok, ok.... Bird-lah!
LG: Yeah!!!!


Lia Chen said...

Wow ... the duck is having a privilege to sit on the Christmas tree :o)

kel said...

Yeah, a lovely duck too.