Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pizza Bento (90)

Little girl help prepared her bentos today, what I did was preparing all the ingredients for the pizza, like sliced a tomato, button mushrooms, pineapple, sausages, remove the edamame from the pods, placed cheeses in bowl, halved the pita bread and lastly help her put the pizzas into oven toaster.

Contains of the bento: 2 pieces of 1/4 pizza, some pear slices and pineapple cubes.

Of course little girl loves this bento, she prepared it herself, so the left over was obviously the piece of lettuce.

This is her snack bento...

... she changed her mind, 1 piece is definitely not enough, she added another one ;p


Susan Yuen said...

Great bento! My kids just love pizza!

kel said...

Well, kids just can't resist pizza.