Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bacon & Tomato Fried Rice Bento (87)

This was indeed a speedy bento, I just need to cook the fried rice this morning, whereas the rest were left from last nite, only took 15 minutes to cook and pack the bento ;)

Bacon & yellow grape tomato fried rice

Cucumber slices, crispy prawn fritters (recipe => here) and a little container of ketchup & mayo

Grass jelly & mango for dessert

Little girl had many leftover today, a slice of cucumber, the prawn fritters and mangoes, well, since she finished all the fried rice, I didn't wanna force her further.


Duckz said...

love this bento. very beauuuuutifulllll... especially the black jelly thingy.

kel said...

Thank you, Duckz!