Monday, June 22, 2009

Lovers on Boat Bento (89)

Little girl is one who like to eat pau (bun) but not the fillings, funny ya! But she is not the only one I came across, my niece CW (from HK) has the same eating behavior like little girl whereas her younger sis LL is the opposite, eats only the fillings but not the pau, ;p

I cut 1/3 out from the big pau, remove the filling, stuffed in this 2 little monster lover into the center, don't it look like both of them sitting on a sampan and having their romantic moments?

The monster lovers was made from quail eggs, yellow grape tomatoes (the hat) and seaweed for their features. The oar was cut out from a piece of bacon. Those greens at the top and right of the boat r cucumber, butterhead lettuce and kiwifruit slices, they r some cattails (cucumber) near the shore. The egg rolls r muddy water, as I don wanna waste time coloring food blue or finding something blue to imply blue water.

I took about an hour to complete the bento, yeah, very slow, time used especially on packing & decorating. Well, as long as it makes a smile on little girl's face, I don mind doing it once in a while.

Closer look of the love birds

This was my 1st attempt on cooking egg roll, only 1 word I may describe it => ugly!

Little girl kept 3 egg rolls for her snack later, left with 1/2 of the pau and some lettuce. Glad to see her happy face while eating ;)


3lilangels said...

Such a romantic bento. My boy also doesn't eat the fillings of pau. Strange kids!

kel said...

Thanks 4 the comment, 3lilangels. Kids have weird appetite sometimes.

javapot said...

Guess you can buy paos without fillings - mantau. Great effort on this sweet bento

kel said...

U know what javapot, little girl heart the pau dough which 'stained' with those meat sauce, though she like mantau too, the meat sauce taste much better.