Thursday, June 18, 2009

Herbal Egg Tea 蛋茶 / 雞蛋桑寄生茶

My bro & me used to buy this egg tea sweet soup from the Pasar Malam near our hse during our younger yrs, however, the uncle who sold this wonderful sweet soup was no long selling, we'd been craving it for very very long time. Thus whenever we see this tong shui, we'd definitely buy & savour it to settle our crave, no matter how full our tummy were. You may find this tong shui at Pudu Wai-sek-kai (the stall which sell the famous Chinese style steamed egg custard 燉蛋) or occasionally at the SS2 Pasar Malam (Mon).

Last yr, my friend MY borrowed me a few recipe books she bought from HK, and I found the recipe of making this tong shui, it is so wonderful! After trying out once, bro & me were so satisfied with the taste, it was just like those we bought! Therefore, every now and then, when bro craved for this tong shui, he'd begged me for it, oh yeah! Really begging... It was so fun to see him begged for a tong shui, hehehe....

So, here is the recipe:


4 eggs
30g 桑寄生(Chinese Herbal Taxillus Twing, it sounds as sang ji sheng in Mandarin, u can buy it from Chinese herbs shop, to be exact, we need 1 兩)
1 liter water
100g rock sugar
  1. Wash & clean eggs (the shell, careful not to break it ;p)
  2. Wash 桑寄生, drain well. Place eggs, water into a pot, cook on low fire for 30 minutes.
  3. Take out eggs from tea, rinse with cold water, remove shell, set a side
  4. Continue simmering the herb tea for 15 minutes, strain off the herbs, put in eggs and rock sugar, simmer for another 10 minutes, ready, serve while warm
The tea taste good, but after breaking the egg, or while eating the egg with the soup, it brought out another flavor, which enhanced the yumminess more.

I enjoyed 1 egg only this time, the rest went to bro, to serve his giant crave, happy feasting, bro!

P/s This 桑寄生 herb, has good curing effects for liver and kidney, may also help to cure insomnia.


Emily said...

This sounds yummy, will give this a try!

kel said...

Emily, long time didn't hear from u, where is ur updates?