Thursday, September 22, 2011

Potato & Broccoli Frittata Bento (384)

Little girl loves this frittata very much, I think I only had 2 small bites from the frittata, the rest were all gone into her little tummy :p

Potato & broccoli frittata

Cherry tomatoes and lobster balls

ketchup & mayo

2 black currant gummy

While driving little girl to school,
Me:  Do you like your lunch?
LG:  Yes!
Me:  Now, tell me what did u eat?
LG:  There is potato, broccoli, egg and I know u put in some cheese too!
Me:  You are right!
LG:  * grinning happily *
Me:  Ok, let do a revision on your Science, what does potato give you?
LG:  Energy!
Me:  Good, what about broccoli?
LG:  Healthy!
Me:  Now the last one, egg?
LG:  Grow!
Me:  Haha, all correct!

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