Monday, September 19, 2011

Fish Roe & Mayo Salmon Onigiri Bento (383)

After a long and busy weekend, my bento looked so simple and lazy :p  

Busy like a bee during last weekend as it was my cousin Steven & Sandy's wedding, and it was a 3 days event!  Not only that, aunt and cousin LC flew in from HK, we were busy visiting, chatting and shopping too.  Oh well, not entirely that, actually I was totally knocked off for half a day on Sat, not bcos of my cough or cold, but I was having terrible hang over after a crazy nite of wine drinking on the wedding dinner before :p  It was a lovely and full of fun wedding.  Congratulation to both of u again, Steven + Sandy!

Fish roe with mayo salmon filling onigiri

Both fried fish roe & salmon were leftover from our dinner b4 weekend.  Since I was too lazy to use the stove, I just threw them into the toaster oven to heat them up while the leftover rice being heat up in the microwave oven.  Once they were ready, mashed the fish roe with the rice, and squeezed in some mayo into the salmon flakes, then had them molded in a heart shaped mold.

Nectarine wedges and candy

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