Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rilakkuma Bento (358)

Cooked some Hainanese style pork chops for dinner last nite, had a few leftover.  Thus, while companying little girl to sleep, I was thinking and planning on a kyaraben bento for her, a reward for getting herself a trophy on Tue.

Me:  Girl, which Sanrio character is brown in color?  Cinnamoroll?
LG:  No, it is white.
Me:  Sugarbunnies?
LG:  No (Actually one of the bunny is brown, but little girl remembered the pink only)
Me:  Never mind, I will google
LG:  ...  *  closing her eyes to sleep while I googled on the phone  *
Me:  Huh...  I got it, girl, it's Rilakkuma!
LG:  Oh, right!
Me:  But it's not from Sanrio, it is from San-X.  Ok, I'll make you Rilakkuma bento 2moro, go sleep now.

So, here I present my Rilakkuma bento.  The origini was stuffed with a big piece of pork chop and the rice was mixed with the pork chop gravy.  I made 2 tiny origini for the ears and a big one for the head.  Bento used about 45 minutes to complete.

Rilakkuma onigiri
(made of pork chop & gravy, egg crepe for the ear & face and seaweed for the expression)

Rilakkuma was joined with 2 friends, which are:

Crab stick balls

and cheese fish ball

They were happily playing in the balls playground (buttered baby green peas).

For dessert, there are grapes and jelly

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