Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1st Trophy

Before last holiday, little girl returned home 1 day announcing that she has volunteered herself to enter the chinese poetry reading competition. I explained the poetry to her and read with her once, and she has memorized well and have been practicing by herself occasionally or even sometimes with her form teacher.

I totally forgotten that it was her competition day today, I didn't even cheer her when I left her in school, feeling so sorry for that.

However, when I reached her school at the evening, she waved to me with the trophy on hand and a big smile.  "Mummy, mummy....  This is the 1st time I am getting a trophy in school!"  She was so delighted with the little trophy.

While driving home, she told me how she performed on stage, what happened next, etc, then,
LG:  Mummy, thank you for practicing with me.
Me:  *  Aw...  my heart melt immediately  *
        Baby, you don't have to thank mummy, you should thank your teacher, she practiced with u
        more, did u thank her?
LG:  Yes, and she said 不用客气 (you are welcome in chinese)
Me:  Good girl!

Boy, though it is just a consolation prize but I am so proud of her.

Well done, little girl!

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