Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Party Finger Food Bento (301)

Fried a batch of mini glass noodle spring rolls yesterday, yummy, they were so delicious, I kept a portion for little girl's bento and my lunch today.  The rest of the fried chicken and fish balls were bought from SS2 night market on Mon, little girl purposely kept for her bento but I'd forgotten to include them yesterday.

This bento is really speedy as I just need to heat the finger foods, sliced some cucumber, packed and done.  Used about 10 minutes only.

Finger foods that we usually find in house party here

Some grapes and jelly, also a container of ketchup for the finger foods


HK Choo said...

Glass noodle spring rolls, that's new to me? Home-made? You always got interesting items that teaches me new things each day, hahah..

kel said...

Oh yes, home made all by myself :p

Just wrap the stir fried glass noodle along with spring onion stalk and fish cake, then get it fried, turned out super yummy.

Hahaha... it's such a nice compliment, thank you.