Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Final Day of Standard 1 Bento (308) and A Cupcake Party

Hurray!  Finally it comes to the end of the school year and little girl will start her long holiday 2moro, yippee :)  I don have to wake up early to prepare bento for 1 and a half months \ (^_^) /

It is a final bento for her standard 1 and I made her a simple one, which combined cheese and mushroom frankfurters and kiwifruits.  It took me only about 10 minutes to have it ready.

Actually the reason I made a small bento was little girl has requested me to bake her a batch of cupcakes so that she able to have an early birthday celebration with her classmates.

Vanilla cupcakes with glaze icing 
(it was so diluted that the cakes absorbed the icing, thus it was not visible on the cake),
purple colored sugar and lots of sprinkles

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