Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home Made Pearls for Pearl Milk Tea

Have wanted to try out DIY the pearl myself after reading the recipe from 周老师的美食课室.  Little girl loves pearl milk tea very much, she has been requesting it ever since she was a toddler and now crazy with Chatime.  I halved the ingredients from the original recipe.

35g black sugar
65ml water
100g tapioca / potato / sweet potato starch
Extra potato starch

  1. Stir black sugar into water, boil
  2. Pour hot mixture into tapioca starch, fold til forming a dough, cool
  3. Dust with some extra potato starch, roll and cut dough into thin strips, then into tiny cubes
  4. Dust hand with potato starch, roll cubes into tiny pearl balls
  5. Boil a pot of hot water, drop pearl balls into hot water, stir, cook for 5 min, off heat, cover lid, let pearl continue cooking in hot water
Stir in more sugar to make-do as a dessert

Or turn them into icy cold pearl milk tea

Wanna share with little penguin?


stargal said...

wow, i've been thinking of where to buy these pearls to bring back to dubai. maybe i'll just make some myself. can these be stored for long?

kel said...

Hi Stargal, welcome back, been enjoy reading your adventures at Nepal & India, please continue, neck long waiting d :)

Can the pearl be stored? Yes & no, yes if the pearls are not cook yet, just throw them into freezer and obviously no, if pearls are cook, have to consume all, they will turn hard if keep in fridge.

stargal said...

hahaha... ok ok, will try to update more often! dun wan u to turn into a giraffe! :P

oh, so means if wanna keep, throw them into the freezer after step 4? then when wanna eat, just take it out to boil? sorry har, i seldom cook, so need to ask stupid and obvious questions ;)

Emily said...

so clever!

kel said...

Yes, Stargal, you may keep the pearl after step 4, but bear in mind, the longer you keep it in freezer, the longer time needed for cooking, may take forever to soften it :)

kel said...

Hehe... just wanna play with food, Emily :p

kel said...

Also, Stargal, the smaller the pearls you make, the lesser time u need to cook them, happy trying!

stargal said...

ok, thanks so much... :)

Anonymous said...

i just want to ask whether black sugar n brown sugar is the same?

kel said...

Hi there, very sorry for the late reply. No, black sugar is different from brown sugar.

You may read up this post <> for detail.

stargal said...

tried and failed! :(
any advice for me: