Monday, October 3, 2011

Ham & Cheese French Toast (390)


Used the very last 2 pieces of bread for this bento.

2 breads
1 egg
2 tbsp milk
2 pieces ham
1 slice cheese
1 tbsp butter

  1. Fill ham and cheese in between 2 breads, seal all the edges
  2. In a bowl, beat egg and milk
  3. Soak filled bread into egg mixture for about 2 minutes each side
  4. Meantime, heat butter in non-stick pan, shallow fry bread til both side turn golden brown
Ham and cheese french toast

Hami melon, ham and cherry tomato kebabs

After school,
Me:  Did u finish your bento today?
LG:  Yes
Me:  Did u share the bread with your friends?
LG:  I shared with ... (some friends name that I no able to recall)
Me:  What about the ham?
LG:  No, I had it all by myself!
Me:  How come your friends didn't ask for it?
LG:  They didn't know!
Me:  Huh, why?
LG:  Bcos I am on duty today, I was allowed to go out earlier, I quickly finished all the melon & ham before they came to me
Me:  Hahaha...

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