Monday, August 6, 2012

Ear Piercing

We had been talking of having little girl's ears pierce since she was 6 years old, she had been pushing the day from year to year, and finally we did it!

We Chinese believe to have ears pierce on the day of Guan Yin Dan 观音旦, I don't know why but I told little girl that Guan Yin Niang Niang 观音娘娘 would bless her and it may be painless during the piercing process :p

Mum told me yesterday that it is Guan Yin Dan today, I asked little girl, will she have it done this time, she just briefly answered me "Yes." and went back to her play with the cousins.

This morning, I reconfirmed with her again, her answer was still yes, thus before she regretted, hubby & I brought her to Poh Kong Jewelry at PJ State to get it done.

She drama when the staff brought out the 'gun', started crying and drama-ing...  After some further talk to her, she finally sat still, holding my hands firmly.  2 female staffs pierced her ears in 1 go, it was done so fast that I didn't even realize.  Little girl cried but without any screams, thank goodness!  It was over so fast :)

We brought her to Chatime nearby to enjoy her fav. drink Passion fruitt QQ to soothe & calm her down.

She looks so grown up with the ear rings, and it will be time for me to spend more $$ on her ear rings now :)

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