Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Simple Lunch - Ci Fan Tuan 糍饭团

Have you ever eaten 糍饭团, one of the famous breakfast in Shanghai.  It is the glutinous rice wrap with pork floss, youtiao 油条 (or yao char kuai) and pickled mustard plant 榨菜.

I bought a few mini youtiao last night and had 2 left after our breakfast this morning, while driving back home after sending little girl to school, I thought of this suddenly.  I have all the ingredients at home except glutinous rice, well, why should I trouble myself on cooking the glutinous rice, since I have some rice left in the fridge :)

So, after re-heating the leftover rice, wrapped the rice with the ingredients listed on top, I was happily enjoying my simple lunch after 5 minutes.

Er, not having it with sweetened or savory soy milk (usually eaten with 糍饭团 in Shanghai) but black coffee :p 
and having my self made picked cabbage (recipe adapted from Carol) and the last mini youtiao

The ingredients in the rice: youtiao, pork floss and picked mustard

Side Note:
A lot of my friends have been asking me why am I not updating any bento or bakes in my blog lately.  Not that I have given up on bentoing & baking but I really have lack of time to take photo and post it up.  Even though I am working from home, the time required for me to spend between work and home really killing me, I have to rush all the times, splitting myself from conference calls, replying emails, preparing bento, cooking lunch, and etc.

Also, most of the bento I made lately were so simple that I really paiseh (shameful in Hokkien) to post up, even little girl has been complaining that I seldom make her cute bento :p

So, friends & little girl, I promise I will try my best to make some cute bento, take photos and post them up for you to salivating on :p

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