Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angry Birds Bento (375)

If you ask a kid what is his/her fav cartoon/game character now, I would believe the answer will be Angry Birds :) 

Little girl oledi has 2 Angry Bird soft toys gifted by her grandma, I definitely believe too nowadays most kids have at least 1 or 2 angry bird themed toys, stationaries or bags with them.

Last month, Baby J has celebrated his 3rd birthday with a Angry Bird themed cake, I promised little girl that I would make her a bento with this theme.

So, after weeks of lazy bentos, I finally able to conquer my lazy bones :p  Well, little girl has complained a bit that she didn't get a cute bento for a long time.  Then, I am leaving to project again next week, so better make her happy and soothe her now :p

The yellow bird
Body: creamy mashed potato stuffed with quail egg
Hair - cheese and seaweed
Eyebrows and beak - ham
Eyes - seaweed and cheese

The red bird
Body: cherry tomato
Feather on head and beak - ham
Eyebrows - seaweed
Eyes - seaweed, cheese and black sesame seed

The slingshot
Stick - Cheese frankfurter
Elastic strap - soba

Of course, Angry Birds can't go without the groups of evil Pigs and their shelters
Body - Green grape
Eyes and nose - cheese and black sesame seeds
Shelters - pineapple

After school,

Me:  Hey, you finished your bento today?
LG:  Yes, but I ate so little only, all my friends come attack my bento  * sour face  *
Me:  Ha... why?  Your friends like the bento?
LG:  Ya, lot of them came see the bento, some from other classes too!
Me:  So, which birds did you share with your friends?
LG:  I didn't get to eat the red birds at all... I gave 1 pig to YX and she trade me 1 cherry tomato
Me:  Oh... that's good, then the rest?
LG:  All eaten by me!
Me:  Huh, u ate most of the bento and still complaining...
LG:  Ya but that was not enough, I still feeling hungry...
Me:  Ok, next time make you bigger bento.


Lia Chen said...

Everyone seems to love playing Angry Birds including me and my kids. Very cute bento with all different ingredients to make the characters :)

kel said...

Thank u, Lia Chen, it is wonderful to read a comment from u again :)